GNU Source-highlight Windows Binaries

At this link you'll find the binaries for source-highlight:

Please refer to the home page of source-highlight,, for the documentation, and use the following instructions to use the binaries and other files:
  • The archive can be extracted in the directory C:\
  • Remember that the *.style *.map *.lang and *.outlang files are expected either in the current directory or by default in the directory C:\usr\local\share\source-highlight (which is automatic if you uncompress the .tar archive in the C:\) but there are also command line options to specify the locations of these files.
  • Actually, you can extract the archive anywhere to your local disk (keeping the internal directory structure of the archive); please, make sure, then, to run the program source-highlight-settings to check whether source-highlight can find its own files (and in case, change the directory); you can find more information here: