Developing Ansible roles on a PineBook Pro with Gitpod

In a previous post, I showed an example of an Ansible role tested with Molecule and Docker using the Gitpod development environment. With such an approach, you develop using Visual Studio code on your browser. Resources and computational power is provided by Gitpod, not by your computer. When your computer is a PineBook Pro, an arm-based laptop with low computational power and just 4 Gb of RAM, using Gitpod makes the difference. Though I guess it’s possible to install Docker on the PineBook Pro, I doubt it’s feasible to efficiently use it for testing Ansible roles with Molecule and Docker.

But with Gitpod, it can be done! Here’s my Firefox browser on a PineBook Pro with an open Gitpod workspace:

I can quickly develop and run Molecule tests or manually enter the Docker containers after running Ansible playbooks on them!

I doubt developong and testing such things completely on a PineBook Pro would be this comfortable and efficient! 🙂

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