Fixing the empty “open with” in Dolphin in Hyprland

I have already blogged about KDE applications in Hyprland.

However, with the latest updates, things broke a bit especially with Dolphin, which does not recognize file associations anymore: double-clicking on a file always shows this empty menu, as if it could not find any associations for any file:

On the Arch forum that has already been reported and claimed as solved: However, the reported solution only temporarily solves the problem, at least in Hyprland.

The steps to solve the problem and make it permanent are the following:

Install this package:

Check that it works by running:

Now, if you run Dolphin you should be able to open the files again.

However, as soon as you install/update KDE packages, the problem shows up again. To solve this permanently, add this line in the file “~/.config/hypr/hyprland.conf”:

Exit Hyprland and get back in.

Now the problem should be solved for good! 🙂

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