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Creating p2 composite repositories during the build

I like to build p2 composite repositories for all my Eclipse projects, to keep all the versions available for consumption. Quoting from https://wiki.eclipse.org/Equinox/p2/Composite_Repositories_(new) The goal of composite repositories is to make this task easier by allowing you to have a parent repository which refers to multiple children. Users are then able to reference the parent repository […]

Using the Xtend compiler in Buckminster builds

Up to now, I was always putting the Xtend generated Java files in my git repositories (for my Xtext projects), since I still hadn’t succeeded in invoking the Xtend standalone compiler in a Buckminster build. Dennis Hübner published a post with some hints on how to achieve that, but that never worked for me (and apparently it […]

Building an Eclipse RCP Product with Buckminster

Revision History 9 May 2013 Updated listings to reflect the git repository sources. Put a tip on using a mirror aggregated with b3. In this tutorial I’ll show how to use Buckminster to build an Eclipse RCP Product, both in the IDE and headlessly (with ant). The application I’m building is the standard Eclipse Mail […]

Materializing and Provisioning your Target Platform as local p2 site with Buckminster

This post was inspired by another blog post I had found on the web when trying to build a p2 site corresponding to a target platform defined for my projects. For an year I’ve been using Buckminster for building my Eclipse projects (especially when I had problems building my Xtext projects with Maven/Tycho, so that […]