Lorenzo Guitar

Apart from computers, my other big passion is music, in particular Rock. I like many shapes of this, from melodic to heavy metal (but not that much).

My favorite bands are:

  • Europe (they were my first rock group, melodic rock).
  • Dream Theater (progressive genius and technique altogether, listen to believe).
  • Kansas (once defined as “pompous rock”, but it sounds to me simply spectacular and melodic progressive, in a word ingenious. They started in 73, but they published a record in 96 as well).
  • It Bytes (It’s quite hard to define them: I would say pop progressive, They only made three records – but what records!!!! – and it’s quite difficult to find them, but it’s worth listening to them; they re-united now and playing live again… I can’t wait to hear their new album).
  • Extreme (funky metal ?).
  • Queensryche (defined often as one of the inventors of progressive metal).
  • I also like Pooh, a historical Italian rock band.

About “old groups” I like:

  • Led Zeppelin
  • Deep Purple (I also like them with the great Steve Morse in place of the ever big Richie Blackmore, for instance, “Purpendicular” is truly a great record); I’m also playing in a Deep Purple Cover Band: Purple Sucker!!!

I also like: Guns’n’Roses, Skid Row, Scorpions, Marillion, Genesis (as you may see I love progressive), Toto, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, Aerosmith, Van Halen, Mr Big, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth (the only two thrash bands I listen to).

When others come to my mind I will add them 😉


In the meantime, you might want to take a look at my music blog:

I also love Musicals (Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita, Rocky Horror Show, etc.); I also performed some of them, playing in the band.

I definitely hate:

  • grunge, and so Nirvana, Soundgarden who contributed to let those bands, quoted above, be fired and be split (Grrrr…..)
  • extreme metal, see Death metal, Black metal, which doesn’t sound to me but noise.
Lorenzo Guitar

I play electric guitar, my beloved musical instrument!

I played or play in these bands:

My favorite guitar players are:

  • John Petrucci (Dream Theater)
  • Kee Marcello (Europe)
  • and some monsters like Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, Joe Satriani, but definitely not so much Yngwie Malmsteen!
  • Dodi Battaglia (from Pooh) apart from being a great singer he’s also a wonderful guitar player

I used to play in the rock band Aliseo (Cristiano Malvenuti: vocals, Massimo Conti: drums, Francesco Squillantini: bass). In these years we played in many pubs, took part in many competitions and many manifestations. We recorded three demo tapes. Hopefully, we’ll get together again one day…

I took part, as a guitarist, in the musical Rocky Horror Show with the musical company Kaspar Hauser. During the years, we made many shows. These are some of the places in Florence where we played: Tenax disco, Flog disco, Anfiteatro delle Cascine, Fortezza da Basso, Sachall, and many others.

Currently, with other musical companies, we perform the Italian version of the musical Chess and the musical Rent.