Modifier-only shortcuts in KDE Plasma 6.1

Before KDE Plasma 6.1 (released a few days ago and already available in Arch), if you wanted to configure a “modifer-only” shortcut (e.g., SUPER key, also known as META, to activate the “Overview” effect), you had to manually modify the “~/.config/kwinrc” file and add these lines:

Another example is if you wanted the SUPER key to activate the “Present Windows” (AKA “Expose”) effect:

In Plasma 6.1, modifier-only shortcuts must not be specified in “~/.config/kwinrc”: they are in “~/.config/kglobalshortcutsrc” and, as such, can be visually specified through the standard KDE shortcut system settings:

By default, SUPER is configured to start the “Application Launcher” (this means that previous specifications in “ModifierOnlyShortcuts” in “~/.config/kwinrc” are not considered anymore).

If we want to assign it to “Overview”, we first search for current shortcuts for “Overview”:

Click on “Add custom shortcut” and press SUPER. You are notified about an existing binding for the “Meta” key:

And, of course, we choose to reassign it.


Thus, such a setting will be stored in “~/.config/kglobalshortcutsrc”:

Nice feature, though it breaks existing configurations, which need to be adapted 😉

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