Using Buckminster Plugin in Jenkins

The bugs described in this post are now fixed (since I became the new maintainer of this plugin 🙂

If you use Buckminster for your builds, and have a personal Jenkins build system, you might want to rely on the Buckminster Plugin, which can be installed directly from Jenkins:

Unfortunately this plugin has some bugs (at least two) which somehow prevent you from using it, especially for new Eclipse versions. But it is quite easy to fix them once you know how; I found the solutions on the web, but I thought I could summarize them here to have them in one place.

First, if you’re not using Internet Explorer, then you’ll not be able to add build steps (which makes the plugin useless 🙂

As documented in the bug report (not yet fixed): you need to edit this file (all paths are intended to be prefixed with your Jenkins path)


and “remove the <f:section></f:section> tags which surround the <f:advanced> entries”. This is expressed by this diff with the original file

Then, with the default configuration of the plugin, you won’t be able to install a recent version of Buckminster, thus you need to provide a custom .json (to put in userContent/buckminster/buckminster.json) file to allow new versions of Buckminster to be installed (an older example is found here); this is the json file I use:

Hope this helps 🙂

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