Again woes for KDE and Google Accounts

TL;DR If you want to access your Google Calendars from Korganizer or Kalendar, remember to enable “Enable the KDE wallet subsystem”.

I had already written about the cumbersome procedure to access Google accounts in KDE, and I thought I had learned enough to “easily” set my Google calendars in KDE. I was wrong. Today I tried KDE again (I’m mainly a GNOME user for the moment) in a brand new Arch-based installation. I also decided to try the new calendar application, Kalendar. I managed to add a new calendar by selecting “Google Groupware”:

(By the way, once you selected “Google Groupware”, can you spot any “Add”, “OK”, or any other way to confirm the selection? There’s “Close”, but I’d assume that is for canceling the selection… IIRC, you must double-click on the selection; anyway, that’s odd!)

But then, I couldn’t configure it: I pressed the button “Edit,” and nothing happened!

I mean, no error pop-up. Nothing printed on the console if I ran Kalendar from the command line. Nothing in the journalctl log. NOTHING!

The same happens with Korganizer. The Google Groupware calendar already appeared because Kalendar and Korganizer share the same calendars. The problem is still there: the calendar is not configured and clicking “Modify” led to nothing. No error. NOTHING again!

To cut a long story short: you must enable the wallet subsystem in the KDE system settings:

How could it be possible? In 2022, KDE and its programs cannot cooperate in providing meaningful information when something goes wrong! And in KDE, things often go wrong.

For example, it’s been more than one year since KAddressBook cannot access Google’s address book!

4 thoughts on “Again woes for KDE and Google Accounts

  1. ali_deda

    In Arch and Manjaro, it is impossible to configure google groupware if Chrome or Firefox is not set as the default browser. The message that akonadi console or korganizer prints is total confusion. There is a case with some images where the settings do not accept .png or .jpg format.

    1. Lorenzo Bettini Post author

      I always have firefox and chrome installed, so I have never experienced such a problem.
      It looks like this one has to be added to the already existing problems!


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